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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

BlogSkins Skin of the Year

One of my favorite BlogSkins features, like, ever is the Skins of the Day. So in continuation of that theme, and the fact that we're approaching the end of 2005, I'd like to announce an idea I've been thinking about lately: The BlogSkins Skin of the Year.

Here's how it will work:

Some time after the end of this year, I will open up voting for the best skin submitted during 2005.
I will also use the same algorithm used to pick the Skin of the Day to programmatically pick the best skin of 2005.
Both skins (the users' choice, and the computer's choice) will be given prominent awards on their skin info pages, and the contributing users will receive $50 Amazon gift certificates.
The awards displayed on the skin info pages will be designed by BlogSkins users. I will pick the best one, and the designer of it will also receive a $50 Amazon gift certificate, and a permanent acknowledgement on this site that he/she was the creator.
So, obviously there's some time left before voting begins, so why am I telling you now? The first reason is that I want to give skin contributors time to submit skins before the end of the year. The second reason is that I need designs for the awards. My only criteria for the awards design is that they be clear that they are awards (so, like, trophies or stars or something) and that they look good at large sizes and small sizes (you may design 2 different awards, one big and one small, if you like). Please send all your entries in the awards design contest to blogskinsawards@mylesgrant.com.

Any other questions, please leave them in the comments.


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